We offer same day delivery across Lebanon for order placed before 4 pm !

We are proud to deliver beautiful flowers and plants across Lebanon. We provide an efficient and professional service and deliver your order on time while taking into consideration any special instruction you may have. Select Exotica to deliver the best flowers to Lebanon, whether you are shopping for birthday flowers or want to surprise a friend or your wife at the office. No matter the occasion, flower deliveries will make your day shine!
Find out about our delivery rates in the table below.

Akkar عكارUSD 39
Aley عاليهUSD 19
Baabda بعبداUSD 11
Baalbeck بعلبكUSD 39
Batroun البترونUSD 19
Bcharee بشريUSD 39
Beirut بيروتUSD 9
Bent Jbeil بنت جبيلUSD 39
Chouf الشوفUSD 29
Hasbaya حاصبياUSD 39
Hermel الهرملUSD 39
Jbeil جبيلUSD 19
Jezzine جزينUSD 39
Kesserwan High كسروانUSD 19
Kesserwan Low كسروانUSD 11
Koura الكورةUSD 29
Marjayoun مرجعيونUSD 39
Metn North المتنUSD 11
Metn South المتنUSD 19
Minnieh-Dennaye المنية-الضنيةUSD 39
Nabatieh النبطيةUSD 39
Rachaya راشياUSD 39
Saida صيداUSD 29
Tripoli طرابلسUSD 29
Tyre صورUSD 39
West Bekaa البقاع الغربيUSD 39
Zahle زحلةUSD 29
Zghorta زغرتاUSD 39
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