Exotica’s offers top landscaping services in Lebanon

We have emerged as the specialist landscape contractor in the MENA region with a proven track record of projects. Our position of leadership is built on the trust we foster with our customers, suppliers and teams. This trust has been earned by constantly innovating and consistently offering world-class products coupled with impeccable professionalism, all the while remaining true to our family values at all times.


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Our designers are specially trained creative professionals. They are up to date on all the latest concepts in landscaping, and have vast knowledge of plant materials and techniques, allowing what we plant to thrive! We install landscapes that our clients are proud of. Our teams are matched with the most current automation techniques and Exotica’s commitment to quality, to ensure timely and efficient execution of any project.
We carry out every project with the goal to become your lifetime service partner, growing with you as your landscape flourishes.


We make sure to take care of our customers the same way we take care of our plants. The Exotica nursery in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, covering an area of 100,000 sqm, is home to over 500 locally grown and globally imported varieties of first grade landscape plants. It is at the core of our landscape business and serves as a testing ground for the introduction of new species allowing us to constantly innovate.


Exterior Landscape

Our team has planned meticulously beautiful landscapes for countless successful projects including residential, commercial and public areas. We offer a complete range of services from concept creation & design, feasibility, project’s specifications, to installation and maintenance.
Most importantly, our experts create spaces that are tailor-made, breathtaking and sustainable.

Interior Landscape

Our interior landscape services transform your residences, headquarters, malls and hotels into 'green buildings'.
Staying in tune with recent studies emphasizing the beneficial role of interior plants and flowers, we carry a wide range of friendly indoor plants destined to convert your space into a refreshing and healthier environment.
We are all about creating a convivial design to bring your vision to life while using the most exclusive selection of trendy containers.


The success of a landscape project is measured by how well it looks year after year!
Maintenance is a vital factor to keep your plants healthy and growing. Our green keepers conduct non-disruptive scheduled visits leaving nothing behind but a great green difference.

Irrigation & Water Management

An automated efficient irrigation system is essential for a lush and healthy garden as well as sustainability and water conservation. Water distribution and uniformity are key, hence the importance of a well-conceived and appropriate irrigation system for each project.
We include in our projects all the requirements for optimal water usage, from storage tanks to fertilizer injectors.

Green Walls & Green Roofs

Today’s modern world is all about continuous rapid urbanization, leaving our environment in dire need for more natural green spaces.
An alternative to flat green areas that has been mastered and cleverly implemented by our team is the concept of Green Walls and Green Roofs.
Significant benefits of green walls and roofs include regulating temperatures, reducing carbon footprint, improving air quality, reducing noise and also creating their own microclimate. Operating out of a green building, we are always ready to offer feasible solutions to suit all environmental and aesthetical needs contributing to the well-being of our clients.

Moss & Lichen Walls

Even when both light and water are not available, spaces can still be brightened by adding a green touch of preserved moss or lichen, maintenance-free.

Artificial Lawn

While water is becoming a scarce resource, we provide quality artificial lawn solutions to reduce its consumption. Our artificial lawns are rigorous, UV resistant and come with a 10 year warranty. They are low maintenance and are perfect for high intensity traffic areas and low light conditions.

Download a sample of our portfolio to get to know us better.

If you have questions involving our services or would like to request a quotation, feel free to contact us.

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