Fukien Tea Bonsai

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Fukien Tea Bonsai

The Fukien Tea is traditionally an indoor Bonsai, but it can be kept outside in very warm climates.
It requires a lot of natural light so it should be placed next to a window where it gets the best light.
It thrives in temperatures around 20 °C so be sure not to allow the temperature to drop much lower.
It is critical to Keep the Fukien Tea tree moist, but be careful not to overwater because wet soil can also harm it.
Water your tree generously as soon as the soil surface gets dry, but it must not be left in excess water.
The Fukien tea tree handles pruning very well, and regular trimming will make the tree grow dense branch structures.
Repot the Fukien Tea tree every two years early in the springtime.

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Fukien Tea Bonsai
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