Healing Kisses

USD 106.00

18 Tulips in a Box & Peaches Chocolate coated liquorice.

Offer this colorful box of 18 Tulips to your special woman as a sign of gratitude for all the healing kisses she gave you and the power she puts in to being the wonderwoman she is, to make it the perfect gift it is combined with a jar of Peaches Chocolate coated liquorice from Lakrids by Bulow.

Box Size: L=15cm, H=15cm

Note: The bouquet might be delivered in bud. The flowers will develop and open up in a warm room.
Shade of Tulips color may vary depending on availability.

Substitution Policy: To ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner, we might need to substitute some of the flowers used for this arrangement (not more than 15% of them). However, it will still look very close to the requested product and will have the same shape, size & flowers' color.

For some people a peach is known as the queen of fruits and we understand why. PEACHES unites sweet notes from juicy peaches with a core of sweet liquorice, all smothered in soft white chocolate, a hint of salmiak and a touch of passionfruit. A crispy sugar shell adds the final crunch.

Healing Kisses
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