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Certain Christmas traditions never seem to go out of style. Along with wreaths and mistletoes sits the poinsettia, the ultimate Christmas decoration, as classic as the Christmas tree!
With their star-shaped leaf bracts, poinsettias are also known as Christmas Stars in many languages, including Italian; Stella di Natale, and German; Weihnachtsstern. Pick a beautiful poinsettia, grown at our nursery, for your home or your loved ones' as it is not really Christmas without this famous plant.
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  1. Cozy Poinsettias

    USD 105.00
  2. Red Delights

    USD 68.00
  3. White Poinsettia

    USD 29.00
  4. Red Poinsettia

    USD 22.00
  5. December Magic

    USD 85.00
  6. Shining Star

    USD 70.00
  7. Season of Wonder

    USD 75.00
  8. Christmas Treasure

    USD 70.00
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